Support our Work!

All expeditions to date have been paid for out of the pockets of the participants.  If you would like to support the continued exploration and documentation caves in the Cumbres de Monterrey, there are three ways to do so:

1.  Participate in an expedition!  We always need cavers to keep mapping the caves in the area,  If you are interested, click HERE

2.  Donate money!  This will help us cover some of the travel and food costs, allowing us to stay longer and do more with the resources we have available.  Please CONTACT us for details. 

3.  Give us gear, or offer it at a discount!  We were lucky enough to be awarded an NSS International Expedition Grant in 2010 that allowed us to buy a Sked rescue litter and KED (Kendrick Extrication Device) for the cave rescue that we never hope to have in this rugged, remote area.  But all of the other ropes, anchors, survey equipment, lights, batteries, and other essential cave gear are provided by the participants, and most usually by the Project Coordinator.  If you are a caving equipment manufacturer or dealer, we would love to have your sponsorship!  We would be happy to provide top-quality photographs of your gear in use, detailed information about the caves it helped us to survey, and prominent display of your logo and marketing materials in our camp, field house, and on this website.  Please CONTACT us today!